It’s the biggest breakthrough in tile and grout cleaning history!

It’s the biggest breakthrough in tile and grout cleaning history!


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Floor, Tile & Grout Cleaning Services Serving Vero beach and the Treasure Coast 

When your tile floors and grout become so dirty and discolored that it creates an unacceptable or undesirable living or working environment, give us a call. Consult with the tile and grout cleaning professionals at South Florida Hard Surface Cleaning by calling (772) 643.4571.  We service Vero Beach, FL, and all of the Treasure Coast.

It could easily cost hundreds if not thousands of dollars to replace your existing floors but not with the tile and grout cleaning services we provide to your area. You can save money and time because we are able to have your floors cleaned for a fraction of the time and cost that replacement would involve. 

Routine cleaning only partially eliminates dirt and grime from the tile surfaces. With surface cleaning, you cannot penetrate into tiny pores, and crevices where dirt, mold, mildew, and bacteria gather.

Outside surface oils, soil from foot traffic, spills, and foods can be ground deeper into the porosity of the floor or tile, creating a suitable breeding ground for germs and bacteria to flourish. Sweeping, mopping and scrubbing may only force these substances further into the floor’s grout and pores, leaving you with floors that require professional cleaning services. 

Here at South Florida Hard Surface Cleaning, we are dedicated, experienced floor cleaning professionals in Vero Beach, FL. Utilizing high pressure and suction, we extract the dirt and grime from the pores of the grout and tile surfaces. We achieve an astounding level of cleaning that is not possible with other traditional home floor cleaning processes. We use the highest quality cleaning products and specialized equipment specifically designed to clean your floors, countertops shower walls, basically any hard surface in your home. We adjust the heat and pressure to achieve the most pristine results while killing off germs and bacteria. Our processes are extremely effective, eco-friendly, and non-abrasive, so you will not have to worry about damage to your tile or floor during this process. 

After completing the high-pressure suction process of cleaning your floors, we then can seal your grout lines to prevent future stains. 

We will work around your schedule. We are accustomed to performing floor cleaning services for hotels, retail spaces, and office buildings, as well as residential homes. 

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Our Hard Surface Cleaning Process

Pre-Treatment – Upon arrival, our tile and grout cleaning team analyzes the flooring material to establish the specific type of flooring and cleaning needs for your home. We specialize in travertine, ceramic, carpet, slate upholstery, marble flooring, and Mexican tile. During the analysis, our specialists also search for any damages in your flooring. After determining the type of material, we then select the best cleaning method and products for your home. 

The Preparation: This will include moving all of the furniture so that the tile, tile grout, and natural stone is easily accessible for treatment.   

The Cleaning – We begin our process by applying a deep cleaning solution to loosen any dirt, grime, oils, or bacteria. Our equipment makes the process of cleaning your floor grout simpler! We use contained, high-pressure water to penetrate the toughest areas. (Up to 3000 PSI). The pressure from the water combined with the specified floor cleaner removes the dirt from your flooring successfully.

The Finale – Following our floor cleaning and restoration services, we utilize an additional process that includes a vacuum to remove any remaining soil or dirty water from your floors.  The results are immediately visible and your floor is ready for your use once again!



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